Assessing the project

One of the most critical stages of the project is creating a plan for the project that yields the best results for the desired budget. This must be done with the focus on listening to the dream and creating a set of plans and drawings to clearly illustrate the project in a clear and concise manner so that the client and contractor understand the expectations.


The next stage of the process is to determine an accurate budget with the focus of the entire processed focused on keeping on budget. Too many projects are derailed at this stage, often by the contractor not honouring the budget limits. We pride ourselves on finding efficiencies and choosing materials with extremely good value.

Building the Dream

The next stage is to set a schedule, arrange a contract, and obtain all necessary permits, and order any materials or services that have the longest lead times. The goal is a smooth project with the right materials at the right time, and regular updates on the progress of the project, and budget and schedule updates.

We are a full-service contractor that can efficiently complete a range of jobs from a few days to entire home renovations. We pride ourselves on listening to the dream and building a budget and plans that will actually get built, and to find the best value. We always strive for the 'wow factor' in every job.